Christopher B Fowler, Photographer
Christopher B Fowler, Photographer

Grand Canyon Series


Altough it’s pointless to try and avoid identifying the location for these shots, my interest is not so much in capturing the Grand Canyon as a location as rather in conveying the sense of the elemental forces that have created it as they are reflected in the various subjects.


As you can see, we had extraordinary good luck with the weather—no smoke, or that blue haze that can sometimes hang over the canyon and obscure the long vistas. It was a crystal clear day and the light picked out every facet of the rock faces as we passed. 

Let me add that these are not helicopter shots. We actually had just the one day at the canyon before flying on to California and our nephew’s wedding, and spent the day moving from one location to the next from the eastern end of the south rim trail to the western—simply leaning over the rail and taking the pictures.

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